Our number one suggestion when you’re looking to buy a paddle board is “get on it.” Until you have been on several different types of boards, it’s hard to get a feel for what board fits you and your style best.

However, there are a few things that taking it for a spin won’t clear up. Each board Hobie makes has a different type of construction, most of which are impossible to tell apart without some knowledge about how these boards are made. So let’s break down the terminology you’ll see on these boards.


Elite Tour

Venture 10-4

Venture 10-4
























In general, the stronger and more durable the board, the heavier it will be. Most of the boards we carry are general use boards, so they aren’t the heaviest nor the most durable. They are the perfect convergence of price, weight, and durability.

We carry the ATRv3 recreation series and the touring series. All of these boards are made of molded epoxy and are designated with the code “BCX4” in the Hobie catalog. This means it has a strength rating of 2, a weight rating of 3.

These boards start with a fin box installed into a high density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam. A foam deck inlay is then layered between two fiberglass sheets. A bamboo laminate top, bottom and rails is laid down on top of that, followed by another fiberglass sheet layer. Finally a carbon fiber is used to reinforce high impact areas.

This technique creates a high quality, beautiful board that will last through years of use.

Hobie makes several other layups, each with a specific use in mind. If you’re curious about those boards, drop by and we will gladly walk you through some options. We believe the BCX4 layup is the best for recreational paddleboarders who want a durable, yet relatively lightweight board for a fair price. We have several of these boards for rent, and highly suggest taking them out on the water to get a better idea of which size and style fits you best.

Shop our selection of in stock Stand Up boards online here.

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