One of the coolest things about a Hobie Kayak is that there is an option of adding a Hobie Kayak Sail Kit. All of the Hobie’s we sell, come with a spot for mounting the sail.

If you’re curious about how to set up the sail kit on the kayak, Hobie has an excellent how-to guide. We converted it to pictures below. If you want to really explore the document, follow THIS LINK for the full sized PDF.


For the recreational paddler, this is another fun way to use your Hobie. If it’s a mildly breezy day, it’s a great day to sail a Hobie. The optional sail kit gives you the ability to sail a boat that you can already paddle or peddle. Now you can try all three in a single outing.

For the serious fisherman the sail kit offers a ton of extra support. Some of our kayak anglers are pushing miles into open water or covering miles of shoreline as they fish in the Puget Sound. By adding the sail kit, you allow the wind to give your legs a much needed break. After a full day of exercise, making that final push back to the take-out point can be brutal. The sail kit gives you a boost, even in boats as big as the Pro Angler 17 Tandem.

Hobie also makes an inflatable ama to add stability to the kayak. These can be used when sailing, or just to give the kayak extra stability for fishing or other activities. These are especially useful if you have one of Hobie’s slimmer boats such as the Revolution series.

The Sidekick Ama

If you want an idea of how fast these kayaks move with the sail attachment, then head over to our Youtube channel. We made a compilation playlist of folks sailing Hobie kayaks just for curious readers like you.


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