When people think of the Pacific Northwest, many times they think of salmon. And, no doubt, we have salmon. Five species, in fact. But there are a lot more opportunities in our backyard than only salmon. In addition to salmon in the rivers there are also trout and steelhead. Local lakes boast coldwater species such as multiple species of trout as well as warmwater species like largemouth bass, bluegill, and crappie. In the saltwater there are all sorts of fish to catch. Salmon, sea run cutthroat, and lingcod are our favorites but many anglers also fish for perch, flounder, dogfish, and more.

Arguably, one of the most challenging and effective ways to fish the great waters of the Pacific Northwest is by kayak. Whether you are casting a fly to trout or trolling a lure for salmon, fishing kayaks get the job done. We prefer fishing kayaks that are pedal driven. The Hobie and Native Watercraft pedal driven kayaks have many advantages over typical kayaks. First, they are hands free. You don’t have to put the rod down. This means you can effective maneuver the kayak while fishing, resulting in more time fishing, and more effective fishing. They also have great stability, many you can stand in. Fishing accessory adaptability rounds out the advantage of fishing kayaks: rod holders, fish finders, anchor trolleys, and more.