Why Rent from Us?
– We have Gig Harbor’s best quality, most stable, and most innovative kayaks and paddleboards.
– Our sit-on-top style kayaks are more user friendly and comfortable than cockpit-style sea kayaks.
– Our rental kayaks are equipped with a wheel for easy transportation.
– We provide a lightweight, high quality, Washington made Werner paddle.
– Our paddleboards are high quality Hobie and Bote!

Kayaking is a great solo sport that is also easily enjoyed in a group setting. Come discover why kayaking is one of the fastest growing sports in North America.

Our fleet of kayaks are high quality, USA made, sit-on-top recreational kayaks. Sit-on-top kayaks are very easy to get in and out of and are very stable. Our recreational kayaks are Liquid Logic Coupes and Deuce Coupes equipped with drop-down skegs for tracking assistance and wheels for ease of transport. Never kayaked before? Kayaking in a sit-on-top kayak is very intuitive and most folks pick it up in just a few minutes on the water.

The Gig Harbor area is surrounded by water and we’re here to help you explore as much as you would like to. Take our kayak out in Gig Harbor and paddle around the docks and coves, exploring the historic downtown from a different perspective. Or even get a pizza to go at Tides Tavern and take it to the lighthouse at the entrance to the Harbor. For the adventurous, a 24-hour rental will allow you to take the kayak to any destination you choose and if you are interested in overnight camping at some of the area parks that are accessible only by watercraft, come in and talk to us and we can help you plan your trip!

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Fishing Kayak Rentals

Our Hobie Mirage fishing kayaks are available for 24-hour overnight rentals. This is a great way to explore our local lakes or saltwater for sea run cutthroat, as well as coho, chum, pink, or king salmon. These kayaks are also great on local lakes for trout, panfish, and bass. The kayak comes with a rod holder and paddle holder. The Slayer also is equipped with a wheel for easy transport.

All Kayak Rentals Include
Kayak, Paddle, Life Jacket, Whistle and Safety Orientation

Reservation Policy
Want to ensure we have kayaks available for you? We will reserve kayaks for you with prepayment. The rental starts at your designated rental time, not when you show up so please plan accordingly and come early! Give us a call 253-851-3474

Late fees (up to 6pm)
$10 per ½ hr. per kayak.

Late fees (after 6pm)
Next day late return by 11 AM $50 per kayak. $10 per ½ hr. per kayak after 11 AM.

Breakage/damage/loss/stolen fees
For broken or damaged equipment, renter is responsible for repair cost or if unrepairable, replacement cost at retail price. For lost or stolen equipment, renter is responsible for the replacement cost at retail price.

Reservation Extension

If you decide you want the kayak longer than anticipated you can call up to 1 hr before the kayak rental is due to return and request an extension. If your extension doesn’t interfere with another customer’s reservation you can extend to the next time block (example: you rented the kayak for 0-3 hours but would like to stay out longer, you could call and see if the kayak is available for continued use and upgrade for additional hourly fees or for a 24 hour rental.). For extensions standard rental fees apply. If the kayak is not available for extension please note that you are responsible to return kayak by end of reservation to avoid late fees. Plan your day accordingly.

Kayak must be returned to a shop employee or will be considered abandoned and renter is responsible for the full retail price of the kayak and accessories. Kayaks cannot be left at the store after hours unattended; no exceptions!